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Child Gifts

Giving flowers and gifts for children in Minsk, Belarus

Bouquet for children

Bouquets for children have only recently become popular. It was once considered unusual.

A girl has to learn how to receive flowers. And a man-to-be should learn how to choose flowers for the future lady.

That is why it is necessary to find out in advance whether the child is allergic to flowers. It is also important to take into account the age of the child. For younger children, small compositions are suitable, but the older children can be presented with a voluminous composition.

For children under 6 years of age, it's better to give colorful and rich flowers. Violet, yellow and red colours combined with yellow and blue are suitable. For juniors, it is better to choose more noble shades such as white or pink. Speaking about teenagers, it would be better to give flowers in a more austere style. For example, flowers such as roses, orchids or chrysanthemums. Such a composition will charm any child.

A child of any age group can be surprised by a bouquet with a toy in it. Also, if your child has a sweet tooth, you can complement the basket of flowers with fruit or candy. When choosing a bouquet for your child, pay attention to its convenience and fragrance. A bouquet with a strong aroma may cause headaches.

Select a bouquet according to the age of the child. Children may not feel comfortable holding a bouquet if it is too large.

Bouquet for a girl

Young ladies will do with lighter bouquets. Girls always like flowers. It is worth to pack such a bouquet in a colourful paper, supplementing it with a beautiful decor.

Bouquet for a boy

For a boy, it is also important to give flowers to show our beautiful environment and the fact that it should be valued. The most important thing is to choose exactly " male" flowers. It is better not to decorate a bouquet for a boy with bright rhinestones or colorful knot. In this case, simple paper or transparent film will do.

Choosing a bouquet for children

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