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Mother's Day

Ordering and delivery of flowers and gifts for Mother's Day in Minsk, Belarus

A festive bouquet for Mother's Day

Mother's Day has been an official holiday in Russia for decades. This holiday is traditionally celebrated on the 14th of October. Bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day is a great occasion to send warm words to our dearest person.
This holiday has been celebrated since ancient times. And it started its roots in the English-speaking countries. In the 17th century, in England they celebrated the so-called "Mothering Sunday". They took place at the end of the second week of the Great Lent. And since it was not allowed to give anything sweet during Lent, they were replaced by flower arrangements. That's how flowers became a symbol of this holiday - and remained so to this day.

Flowers for mum

There are no special flowers for this holiday. An original gift would be a bouquet of fresh roses. These plants are sure to remind of you in the blooming season. Flower arrangements in a box can impress with their convenience, as they do not need to be watered or cut

Bouquet for Mum

The most predictable option is to give a woman her favourite flowers. But we still want to make a surprise and amaze her. You have to take her character into account. If your mum likes to be in the centre of attention, the more eye-catching and vibrant colours such as yellow, purple, blue or red are the right choice.  If your mum has a calmer character, you can give her more delicate flowers. White and cream roses would be nice.
Age should also be taken into account when choosing and arranging the composition. For an older woman, it would be difficult to take care of a large and lush bouquet. If you decided to buy around ten flowers, then you should also get a vase.
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