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Sympathy and Funeral Flowers

Order and delivery of flowers for funerals in Minsk, Belarus

Flowers are given not only on holidays. When misfortune comes to the house, you say goodbye to the deceased person by giving him flowers for the last time. The right bouquet or flower arrangement can emphasize the bitterness of loss. What flowers are appropriate for the funeral? Roses, carnations, chrysanthemums and lilies are appropriate for the funeral ceremony.

Each flower has its own sacred meaning and speaks of certain feelings. Carnations speak of love and respect for the deceased, while roses and gladioluses are a symbol of gratitude. Chrysanthemums, darker-coloured roses and red carnations represent sorrow. The immediate role of funereal flora is to express sincere sorrow, eternal recollection and the gravity of loss.

Florists of the shop know how to make funeral bouquets.

Any composition should be restrained, austere and expressive, symbolize the importance of saying goodbye to a person who has left this world, speak of the gravity of the loss. Flowers for the funeral in our traditions are chosen mainly in pale or dark colours, not too eye-catching, this range of colours corresponds to the general mood of the ceremony. The website's catalogue features expressive arrangements and bouquets of lilies, roses and carnations.

For the funeral bouquet should choose flowers of the same colour or close shades, such as pale pink and cream, cream and blue. Colourful bouquets are inappropriate at the funeral ceremony, so the composition should not contain more than three shades. If you can't be at the funeral, you can express condolences and respect to the deceased by sending flowers in a basket. Our florists will make a bouquet in accordance with your wishes, you can choose the flowers for the funeral from those listed in the catalogue.
The number of flowers in the funeral bouquet in our culture should be even number.

Even numbers indicate the end of life's journey, and are symbols of peace, completeness.

For a man's funeral, a strict bouquet of single-coloured buds in red, white or yellow should be chosen. Flowers for a woman can reflect her spiritual world and preferences in general. You can choose from soft pastel shades of flowers, pure white or pink bouquets. Our couriers deliver flowers quickly.

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