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Flowers as a New Year tradition

13 December 2021

New Year is a wonderful winter holiday which unites nations, people and states. On this day, people can get together with their families, friends and acquaintances around a festive table and celebrate the start of the new year together by saying various wishes and giving each other gifts.

But what do we sometimes miss on a cold winter's night? Flowers, of course. Not only are they ideal as festive decorations, filling the house with a pleasant aroma, they are also a very symbolic addition to the overall atmosphere.

The poinsettia (or Christmas star) is a symbol of cosiness and prosperity. This is a truly unique potted plant that tends to bloom a vibrant red during the winter months. Moreover, its flower shape is very similar to the star on a Christmas tree. Poinsettias are not as numerous as violets, chrysanthemums and roses, but this does not prevent them from remaining one of the traditional New Year's favourites because of their unusual beauty.


However, traditional New Year's Eve decorations also remain very popular, providing a beautiful addition to the festive atmosphere. This includes fancy Christmas wreaths with cones, garlands, colourful balloons and fir branches with a candle in the centre. All kinds of flower arrangements of roses, carnations, chrysanthemums and other flowers, chosen in the traditional New Year colours. Here, fantasy is not the only limit, and you can pick and choose what suits you.

The world-famous evergreen tree, which every year becomes the main symbol and business card of the holiday. The Christmas tree is an essential attribute of the New Year. It fills your home with a truly festive atmosphere. Each person makes a unique Christmas tree, decorating it with different toys, balls, garlands, tinsel, thus giving it a touch of personality. It is this feature that gives it such a huge popularity all over the world.

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