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World oceans day - 8th June

06 June 2022


The ocean is a vast expanse of bare surface, the sight of which is truly breathtaking. Nowadays the ocean is the most unexplored part of the world, although it covers most of the globe. It harbors many dangerous and beautiful things, which could not be ignored by international organizations. In 1992, at the Summit in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), dedicated to the security of the planet Earth, where the date of celebration of World Ocean Day was announced on June 8. Since 2009, the holiday was officially celebrated by a UN resolution.

The ocean is home to millions of marine species, contains 97 percent of the world's water resources and covers about 70.8 percent of the planet's surface. Nowadays the question of the ecology of the oceans is more and more raised, because they are also the source of 80% of the oxygen due to the so-called phytoplankton. Ocean debris and emissions of all kinds are upsetting the balance in the ocean, affecting flora, fauna and ultimately humans themselves and the functioning of the biosphere.

Our team is extremely concerned about this situation and encourages everyone to familiarize themselves with the main aspects and the essence of the problem in order to understand the urgency and importance. You can also remind your family and friends, friends and acquaintances, colleagues and employees about the problem.

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