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Teddy bear and a bouquet of flowers

29 July 2022
And so, where to start when choosing a gift in addition to a good bouquet of flowers and floral arrangements. Of course, most may say that for this role perfectly suitable candy or, for example, wine. And they will be right. But.
Such additions to the bouquet are a very common choice, but we need something unusual, right?). Our team thinks that plush toys are perfect, which will not only bring pleasure from the unexpected gift, but will remain as a reminder of your care and attention to detail in a week or two...
If we talk about statistics, the most popular teddy toy for delivery in Minsk, along with a flower arrangement is a teddy bear (in English, by the way. teddy bear). At our website you can find a huge selection of teddy bears in different sizes (from 25 cm to 1.5 meters) and colors (blue, white, pink, brown, and so on). 
Also with a bouquet of flowers perfectly combined various souvenirs, in our case statuettes. In a figurine the main feature is the meaning, which is initially put in it by the author. For example, the statuette "cooing pigeons" shows sincere love and affection that will combine perfectly with a bouquet of red roses. And the figure of a sitting angel - peace, balance. Such characteristics can be ascribed to a bouquet of white flowers.
Author: Ostapenko V.A. - customer service specialist at

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