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The beauties of Belarusian nature

14 August 2022
Fresh air, beautiful greenery around, shy forest dwellers can be seen from afar - what can be a more wonderful feeling of being in nature! 
Our team was lucky to be in nature in Nalibokskaya Pushcha and we could not forget about our dear clients and not share these unforgettable emotions and sensations through photos. And of course not without beautiful flowers!

Bouquet of flowers "Red inspiration"

Bouquet of five red roses and eucalyptus with delivery in Minsk, Belarus

Nalibokskaya Pushcha - 96 hectares of pristine forests, inhabited by a huge variety of animal, insect and bird species, many of which are included in the Red Book. Located in the basin of three rivers at once - the Neman, the Berezina and the Usa. The name comes from a small settlement, which is located near the massif - Nalibok.


Bouquet of pink chrysanthemums with delivery in Belarus

Also in the forest itself, there are many bogs and somewhere spreads a forest lake called Kroman, where people from nearby villages and towns often go. The last village on road H9753 in the heart of the forest, Kletiszcze, currently has over 100 inhabitants and is a good place for city dwellers to escape from the bustle of the city and enjoy the pristine nature.

White teddy bear 38 cm and a bouquet of 5 red roses, flowers Minsk

Moreover, Nalibokskaya Pushcha is also famous for its history, somewhere tragic and somewhere triumphant. During the Great Patriotic War, there were many partisan camps here, reminders of which can be found in the forest - various ammunition, dugouts, field kitchens and medical stations, other signs of partisan stops. 

Coffee teddy bear 38 cm and a bouquet of 5 red roses, flowers Belarus

Unfortunately, the nature did not endow the territory of Nalibokskaya Pushcha with fertile land, but the wood crafts and the mining of marsh ore gave its fruit. Therefore, at one time the region was famous for its production potential and there were enterprises for the processing of metal products. 

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