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Reccomandations for orderng flowers for Valentine

11 February 2023

Approach the selection of flowers for February 14 should be responsible. In addition to the variety of plants you need to pay attention to their hue, as well as the general color tone of the entire bouquet. The darker and richer it is, the more passionate the young man is for the girl. Details about the different shades:

  • red — speaks of hot love;
  • Pink — feelings of tenderness towards the loved one;
  • white — symbolizes innocence and purity;
  • Orange — it is associated with enthusiasm and emotional enthusiasm;
  • lavender — speaks of charm;
  • purple — it possesses capricious notes in the character of the girl as a gift;
  • yellow — it is associated with cheerfulness, joy, positive emotions;
  • cream — sincerity of feelings.

Such flowers on Valentine's Day are the most appropriate. If you complement them with a soft toy, balloons or open, the effect of the presentation will increase. Choose a suitable arrangement you can in the online flower stores of Belarus. In particular, our company "Aroma of love" offers a wide range of fresh and unusual arrangements.

What exactly are the flowers for Valentine's Day you can give to your loved one?

Bouquets of roses, tulips, hydrangeas, orchids, eustis, amorillis, peony, camomile, iris and others are traditionally given as gifts. There are arrangements that combine two or more kinds of plants. Such a combination is possible if an experienced florist with extensive knowledge, who knows how to combine the color, shape and other parameters of different plants, works on the bouquet.

Bouquet of roses "Sincerity bouquet"

Bouquet of 31 red roses with delivery to Belarus

Dahlias symbolize spontaneity and are suitable for unusual girls (who do not think in general categories). Asters are given when they want to show sincerity of intentions. Gerberas symbolize joy. Ammorrhythms allow a man to express his admiration for the beauty of the girl.

What flowers for February 14 to give to the wife?

Most husbands are well aware of their women's preferences in flowers. Over the years of married life together, they have remembered what kind of bouquets the ladies like. Mostly married men tend to buy flowers in Minsk of the following varieties: anthuriums; orchids; calla lilies; pelargoniums; chrysanthemums; dahlias; gladiolus.

Daisies and other similar flowers are not suitable for couples who have lived together for many years. Sometimes it's difficult to choose a suitable option — because you want to surprise your beloved one. Therefore, it is worth to ask for help to experienced florists.

Store flowers in Belarus "Aroma of love" — the advantages of ordering.

We deliver bouquets in baskets, vases and classic wrapping. We serve not only Minsk but the whole country. We even send orders abroad. We strive to offer a large assortment so that on such a festive day men would have something to choose from.

Our company creates unique flower arrangements and sells them at affordable prices. It is not difficult for us to deliver any amount of flowers to any point of the country. You can buy beautiful gifts for all the female staff.

Bouquet of 21 Pink Roses

Bouquet of pink roses and red alstromeria with packing

How to buy flowers in Minsk?

Choose a bouquet you like and add it to your cart. Make an order by stating your phone number, full name and delivery address. Our managers will contact you to coordinate the order. Within the specified time, the bouquet will be delivered to the customer in a fresh and beautiful state.

Order for your girlfriend/wife a beautiful flower arrangement for St. Valentine's Day. Give pleasure to the fair sex and express your warm feelings for them through this gift.

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