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How to keep the freshness of flowers in a purchased bouquet

17 November 2023

Step-by-step instructions for pruning cut flowers

Flowers in a vase are a real beauty that pleases the eye. But what if your favorite bouquets have started to wither? Don't worry, because we have a solution! We have prepared for you step-by-step instructions for pruning flowers. With its help, you can keep your bouquets fresh and picturesque.

Step 1: Prepare the necessary tools and materials

To begin with, you will need garden shears or pruners, clean water and a vase. The pruner must be clean to prevent infection of the flowers with any bacteria or dirt. Before use, it is recommended to rinse with hot water or treat with alcohol. If there is no suitable tool at home, then you can use a sharp knife.

The water for the vase should be cool, but not cold, and it is preferable to use distilled water or standing water to avoid chlorine, which can negatively affect the vase resistance of flowers. Also prepare a vase that has been pre-washed and treated with detergent to avoid microbial contamination.

Bouquet of cut white roses

Step 2: Evaluate the condition of the flowers

Before you start pruning, carefully assess the condition of your flowers. Make sure they are healthy. Look at the petals – they should not be withered, with yellowed edges or spots. The stems should not be soft or rotten. If you notice that some flowers in the bouquet begin to fade, they can either be carefully removed so as not to affect the rest, or processed. Processing flowers means getting rid of unnecessary or spoiled elements, such as leaves, thorns, and so on.

Step 3: Cut the stems at an angle

In order for the flowers to absorb water better, cut the stems at an angle of about 45 degrees. This will help them to dive into the water more easily and get more nutrients. A sharp pruner will ensure an even and clean cut of the stems, which will improve moisture absorption. After pruning, immediately place the flowers in a vase with prepared water.

Step 4: Remove excess leaves

The leaves, which will be under the water level in the vase, can lead to water damage and rapid wilting of flowers. Therefore, carefully remove all excess leaves, leaving only those that will be above the water. This will also prevent the growth of bacteria in the water and keep the vase clean.

Step 5: Avoid drafts and direct sunlight

Place the vase of flowers in a place where they will not be exposed to drafts and direct sunlight. Drafts can cause flowers to dry out, and direct sunlight can cause overheating and wilting. The ideal place would be a cool and shaded place where flowers will enjoy freshness and soft light.

Now you have all the necessary knowledge to prune flowers and prolong their life. This simple procedure can make your home more bright and cozy, and your bouquets will delight you with their beauty for many days. Do not forget to follow these instructions when caring for your flowers, and they will bloom and delight you with their delicate petals.

Flowers fill our life with fragrance and colors, creating comfort and harmony in the house. So don't miss the chance to make your world brighter and more colorful with these little flower wonders.

And remember that taking care of flowers is not only a process, but also an art. With love and attention to detail, you will be able to create real masterpieces from ordinary bouquets. After all, giving flowers means sharing a piece of your heart.

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