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Flowers delivery Nesvizh


First mentioned: 1223  
Population: 14,300
Time zone: EEST (UTC+3)
Area code(s): +375 1770                    
Postal Code: 222603, 222620

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Pictures: view on Nesvizh (Russian: Несвиж Belarusian: Нясвіж)

To order flowers to Nesvizh, please follow the steps:
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2. In the drop-down list "Country" select "Belarus"
3. In the drop-down list "City" select "Nesvizh", proceed with the order

History of Nesvizh

Nesvizh was first documented in one thousand two hundred twenty-third, later becoming a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In the fifteenth century, while still a minor town, it passed to the Radziwil princely family, and remained the family's home until one thousand eight hundred thirteenth. The first Belarusian language book printed in the Latin alphabet, a catechism by Symon Budny, was published in Nesvizh in one thousand five hundred sixty-second. Nesvizh Castle was founded in one thousand five hundred eighty-third, and between one thousand five hundred eighty-fourth and one thousand five hundred ninety-eighth two monasteries and a collegium, all belonging to different religious orders, were built. On the initiative of Mikolaj "the Orphan" Radziwil the city was granted Magdeburg rights in one thousand five hundred eighty-sixth. Two epidemics that occurred in the city in the seventeenth century led to an establishment of a pharmacy in one thousand six hundred twenty-seventh.
During the Great Northern War of one thousand seven hundredth -one thousand seven hundred twenty-first, the city was significantly damaged by the Swedish troops. It was rebuilt in the one thousand seven hundred twentieths by Michal "Rybelko" Radziwil. In the aftermath of the war, in one thousand seven hundred fortieths and one thousand seven hundred fiftieths he founded a silk belt factory (which was later moved to Sluck), a cadet corps military school, several textile manufacturers and restored the Corpus Christi Church and a printing factory. Michal's wife, Franciszka Urszula Radziwilowa, founded the Nesvizh Radzivil Theater, which included a choir and a ballet school.
In one thousand seven hundred sixty-fourth and one thousand seven hundred sixty-eighth the city was occupied by Russian troops, and in one thousand seven hundred seventy-second the library, which included approximately ten thousand volumes, along with paintings and other objects of art, was transferred to St. Petersburg. Books from the library were granted to the Russian Academy of Sciences.

We will glad to deliver flowers and gifts to Nesvizh, and to other cities of Minsk region: Berezino, Borisov, Dzerzhinsk, Fanipol, Kopyl, Logoisk, Luban, Maryna Gorka, Molodechno, Nesvizh, Slutsk, Smolevichi, Soligorsk, Starye Dorogi, Stolbtsy, Uzda, Vileika, Volozhin, Zaslavl, Zhodino.

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