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Flowers and gifts delivery to Uzbekistan


Capital: Tashkent
Largest cities: Tashkent, Samarkand, Fergana, Nukus
Area: 448 900 км² (56th)
Population: 29 559 100 (39th)
Currency: Uzbekistan som (UZS)
Calling code: + 998
Internet TLD: .uz

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To order flowers to Uzbekistan, please follow the steps:
1. Add flowers to basket
2. In the drop-down list "Country" select "Uzbekistan", proceed with the order

  We will glad to deliver flowers and gifts to the capital of Uzbekistan- Tashkent, and to other cities: Afrasiab, Ak-Dar'ya, Akkula, Akmal-Abad, Andijon, Angren, Aqbaytal, Aqrabat, Asaka, Baxt, Bekobod, Beruniy, Bukhara, Buzaubay, Chimboy, Chirchiq, Chortoq, Dashtobod, Denov, Fergana, Guliston, G‘uzor, G‘ijduvon, Haqqulobod, Jangeldi, Jizzax, Juma, Kattaqo‘rg‘on, Karakapalkiya, Khiva, Kogon, Kokand, Kosonsoy, Kungrad, Margilan, Mashiquduq, Minchuqur, Namangan, Navoiy, Nukus, Nurota, Ohangaron, Olgaing, Olmaliq, Oqtosh, Piskent, Qarshi, Qorako‘l, Qorasuv, Quva, Quvasoy, Rishdan, Samarqand, Shahrisabz, Shahrihon, Shirabad, Shirin, Sirdaryo, Taxiatosh, Termez, Tomdibuloq, To‘ytepa, Turtkul, Uchqo‘rg‘on, Uchquduq, Urganch, Urgut, Vobkent, Xonobod, Xo‘jayli, Yangiobod, Yangiyer, Yangiyo‘l, Yasliq, Zarafshon.

  Flowers will be delivered to the recipient by our partners in Uzbekistan. Familiarize with rules of the international delivery you can having followed the link. If you did not find the city in which it is necessary to deliver flowers or gifts, please contact the manager of our shop to clarify the possibility of delivery.

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Customers' Testimonials

— Beautiful Rose's buquet delivered for my mom's birthday! Благодарю ща доставку цветов маме к дню рождения, заказывала вслепую из США, мама прислала фото, и все также, как и на картинке, цветы свежие, красивое оформление, открытка с пожеланиями, да и еще и очень вежливый персонал при доставке! Это точно не последний букет, спасибо большое! 09.04.2021, Olga

— Customer and recipient were very happy with the flowers and the service. Thank you! 24.12.2020, Almiqui

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