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Customers' Testimonials

  • — Your work perfectly shows what I needed to get, thanks!
    07.09.2011, Bayle
  • — Your service is really perfect!!! Now you have got one more happy customer!
    17.12.2011, Zhenya
  • — I am really pleased with your service! The flowers made my close friend really happy! Thank you for everything, keep up the good work!
    07.03.2012, Matthew
  • — Flowers arrived to the destination just in time. Thank you very much.
    10.11.2012, Peter Aldred
  • — Thanks again for your reactivity and your efficiency!
    13.12.2012, J?r?my Poulain
  • — I purchased white roses to be send in Minsk. Very beautiful bouquet and wonderful service. A great partner to deal with.
    07.03.2013, Alan
  • — U z best!
    07.03.2013, ludmila sidorovich
  • — Thank you so much for delivering flowers to my mom. She loved it! Thank you so much for wonderful service!
    17.03.2013, Natallia Shybeka
  • — Thank you very much! YL
    01.04.2013, Yariv IshI Landau
  • — Many thanks for the excellent work! Flowers are beautiful and loved! I will definitely use your services in future.
    18.04.2013, Christine
  • — Thank you very much for your fast and professional service.
    02.05.2013, CLAUDIO LELLO
  • — Thank you for your service! The flowers was delivered on time and you helped me show how special my friend is in my life! Thanks and all the best!
    15.06.2013, Martin
  • — Dear Vika, Thank you so much..She became very happy with flowers. Have a nice day,?smail ?lker KE?KEK
    22.06.2013, ?smail ?lker Ke?kek
  • — Dear Vika, Thank you very much, really appreciated! Best regards, Andris
    14.07.2013, Andris Strazds
  • — Bouquet of roses has been delivered just as requested. Thank you so much for the great service! I will suggest your site to my friends.
    07.08.2013, Kamila
  • — Thank you so much Vika! my regards.
    21.08.2013, birkan kilic
  • — Thanks!
    02.12.2013, Richard Irwan Shah
  • — Thanks.
    07.01.2014, Juan Matamala
  • — Thank you very much! Best Regards. Marc Br?mmer
    07.01.2014, Marc Br?mmer
  • — Thank you. Kristina liked the flowers, I will use you again.
    26.01.2014, Kevin Kasson
  • — Thank you. L
    09.02.2014, Luca Fedon
  • — Hi Vika... Thank you so much for your service, the flowers were received and put a big smile on my love :) Will use you again, that is for sure! Kind regards Patryk
    12.02.2014, Patryk Kacprzak
  • — Thank you for your services..
    14.02.2014, Turgut Alp Colakoglu
  • — Thank you sooo much I hope she will like ;) Good night
    07.03.2014, Yusuf Sailor
  • — Excellent service every time! I had used your service many times and I could not be more pleased with the service. My sister in Minsk could not stop talking about the flowers she recieved. Thank you for doing such a great job and for making people happy. :-)
    11.03.2014, Margaret
  • — Thank you!
    19.03.2014, Fariba Vasseghi
  • — Thanks... I really appreciate it...
    10.04.2014, Juan Matamala
  • — Thank you very much Vika!! ? wish you happy mothers day
    11.05.2014, Turgut Alp ?olakoglu
  • — Thanks :)
    13.05.2014, Juan Matamala
  • — Thank you! Sincerely, Dennis
    13.06.2014, Dzianis Kastsianok
  • — Thanks a lot ..... Hope we will so business again. Gracias
    20.06.2014, Carlos Pardo
  • — ok nice to hear that :) thank you very much and will order again of course :)) Ayu
    10.07.2014, Maria Maharani
  • — Dear Vika. Thank you for the service.
    13.08.2014, ? CHRIS
  • — Thank you very much. Regards, Yusuf
    15.08.2014, Yusuf Mollaoglu
  • — thank you so much?
    19.08.2014, birkan kilic
  • — Thank you for great service! Everybody is happy we could have made Yuliya's weekend better. Best regards, Radim Marek
    27.09.2014, Radim Marek
  • — I thank you for your service!
    02.12.2014, Alla
  • — Dear Vika!!!! Thank you so very much for your phenomenal service!!!! w are all truly impressed!!!!! Starting with the initial Skype consultation, fabulous communization through the process and the delivery- al was exceptional! My father has been incredibly happy ! I am very grateful for your service! My best wishes to you and your staff!!!!!! Sincerely,Alla Dickson
    11.12.2014, Alla Dickson
  • — Thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate timely service that your company has provided for me. Kind Regards, Artour
    13.12.2014, Artour Avetisian
  • — Thank you very much and merry christmas!
    22.12.2014, Gustavo
  • — Everything was great. Thanks a lot, Javier
    24.12.2014, Javier Mart?nez Puentes
  • — Thanks, as always you did it great :)
    02.01.2015, Juan Matamala
  • — I would like to thank you for your quick and trusted service, and definitely i will consider using your services in the near future
    14.02.2015, Rami
  • — I am greatly pleased with your professional service and the quick delivery within few hours. Thank you :)
    15.02.2015, Steve
  • — Thanks a lot for your great service!
    16.02.2015, Bikram Sinha
  • — I ordered flower and a gift of soft toy from this company to be delivered to my friend in Belarus. The delivery itself was much better than the expected products and instead of one kitten ordered a nice twin-pair was delivered. My friend was overjoyed. Thank you so much for your exceptionally good service.. Chuko From Calgary, Canada
    08.04.2015, Chuko
  • — This is the second time ive sent flowers from Australia to Belarus. They are very promt, professional and i will definately use them again!
    21.04.2015, Cleve
  • — I saw the flowers and they were beautiful!
    11.05.2015, Natallia
  • — Super Job Vika! Olga was speechless, and you did an amazing job, i really appreciate your services :)
    16.05.2015, Alex Stylianou
  • — Ordered flowers from the USA on Friday night to be delivered in Belarus on the Suturday morning time, they were delivered promptly and my wife was very happy with them ... received an email confirmation about 10 mins after they had been delivered. Very happy with the service and would use again. Many thanks Vika!
    17.07.2015, Cliff Middleton
  • — Thank you very much for this information and your suppoting. Really thanks Regards, Ramazan Aksu
    24.07.2015, Ramazan Aksu
  • — Gday,My order was well received.. I am glad to your assistance,thx Brgds Ahmet
    29.07.2015, Ahmet Akdeniz
  • — Dear Vika! Thank you very much, I will be your customer!!! Best regards, Ashraf
    11.08.2015, Ashraf Alshoukini
  • — Thanks a lot to all staff. Rally thanks. Especially the persons who were on telephone. I took your time, I know. Again and again thanks a lot for your kind cooperation. Regards RA
    12.08.2015, Ramazan Aksu
  • — Thank you so much Vika I am very happy with your level of service and I am sure I will be always working with your esteemed company Thanks
    15.09.2015, Naser Nofal
  • — My order was delieverd correctly. Thank you!
    04.11.2015, Catiusa
  • — Thank you... Erdem BAYRAK
    30.11.2015, Erdem
  • — I ordered a bouquet of white roses for my Mom's birthday. The flowers were delivered this afternoon, and were absolutely stunning! My Mom was very happy with this special surprise. Her reaction was priceless. Thank you for a great service. I am sure to come back in the future.
    01.12.2015, Andrei
  • — Your service is amazing, the bouquet was beautiful, the bear was cute. My girlfriend was really happy. And you call to ask for the address and time for delivery but not telling what is the delivery, which is great, because is keeping the surprise. If u have rating from 1 to 10, i will give you 11, very good service, i will use your flower store again :)
    11.01.2016, Milen Semerdzhiev
  • — This is the second time i order from this site, and i am impressed with your professional service once more. Thank you for delivering quickly and within few hours after placing my order :)
    11.01.2016, Steve
  • — This was the 1st time I had ordered flowers from another country. Everything from the ordering to the quality of the product was absolutely amazing! They were delivered promptly and was darn near a hassle free experience. The only hassle I had was not with this company. Others, that I had looked at first took along time, then continued to have a hard time ordering them. So, thank you! Thank you for making this a good experience all the way from Colorado to Innsbruck, Austria. I will be using you alot! I AM SO GRATEFUL!
    12.02.2016, Chena
  • — I want to thanks your local florist shop based in Borisov, Belarus. It is just something I won't forget. I was the happiest person on earth as you helped me, through the language of your flower bouquets, show my deepest feeling of love towards my girl. Thank you again for all your help!
    13.02.2016, Michael Abramov
  • — Thank you for your service, Wish u a good day!
    13.02.2016, Ege ?zsayg?l?
  • — Thank you for the updates. You have been a great help. The recipient did receive it. Appreciate it much. Delivey to Thailand,Chiangmai
    18.02.2016, Kenneth.T
  • — Fantastic delivery!!! Excellent service
    07.03.2016, Sheila
  • — You guys are amazing!
    08.04.2016, Rogin Gilbert
  • — Thank you guys for giving us this amazing chance to send flowers and gifts from anywhere to anywhere! That was amazing idea creating that kind of business! Wish you to grow more and more in it=) God bless!
    09.05.2016, Жанна
  • — I wanted to send some flowers to a location in Belarus, Gomel area from the Canada but was unsure of a reputable company that could handle this request. team made the process very easy and was very affordable. I will be using them again in the future and would definitely recommend their service.
    05.06.2016, Julian Powell
  • — Easy to order flowers arrived on time and were lovely.
    01.07.2016, Ronny Angel
  • — I always send flowers through this company to my friend in Minsk and they are fantastic!! I recommend it to everyone!
    04.08.2016, Tim Butterworth
  • — Thank you for your quick service, i will use this in future and recommend your site to others as you have best service i ever seen online. Thank you again for your services. Regards, Rana
    16.09.2016, Rana
  • — Thank you very much. Really appreciate your good services.
    22.09.2016, Rana
  • — Dear Vika Thank you very much for your help! Kind regards Harpal
    10.01.2017, Harpal S
  • — I really appreciate your services. I will be placing order in future as you have best service.Regards,Rana
    17.01.2017, Rana Zafar
  • — The delivery was on time and they were nice flowers. I will prefer only your services for the next orders. Thanks, Alper
    15.05.2017, Alper
  • — Used many times, flowers always arrive on time and look as pictured on the web site.. Thank you!!!
    01.06.2017, Jasmin Brescak
  • — Thank for your help My order was delieverd correctly. Thank for Vika for support and your florist in Brest!
    19.07.2017, Bradley Hedges
  • — Very satisfied I have tested your company for delivery in Minsk, Belarus and both me and the person who received the flowers were very happy and very satisfied for everything. Thanks for the good service.
    19.08.2017, Eduard Scafidi
  • — Thank you for achieving this delivery. Much appreciated.
    27.08.2017, David Toombs
  • — Great Site, Great Service! Beautiful choices and timely delivery! Thank you for your help!
    07.09.2017, Mary Smith
  • — Great service and very professional.
    13.09.2017, David P?rez
  • — Very efficient service highly recommended. Very helpful in dealing with my order, my friend in Minsk said they were gorgeous,what more can you ask.
    03.10.2017, Andrew Goldstone
  • — Thanks for the awesome service!
    08.10.2017, vinay israni
  • — Actually that is great!! Perfect "Happy Friday at the office" delivery, isn't it? Thank you!- and have a great weekend!
    20.10.2017, Mickael Jauneau
  • — Excellent service, I've used your service twice to deliver flowers in 2 different towns in Belarus, always a great quality of service! Thank you!
    21.10.2017, Dmytro Buhanevyc
  • — You did a wonderful job! I am happy and keep up the good work.
    22.10.2017, Brent Wangen
  • — Thank you!! Happy New Year! Chris Johnston
    27.12.2017, Chris Johnston
  • — Very satisfied good service and profatinal. Will do business again. Thanks
    23.01.2018, Shahab rahimzadeh
  • — Perfetto! Very nice bouquet!
    24.01.2018, Maria
  • — I just want to to say this is service par excellence ! I will never use another flower delivery service ever in my life this really just a wonderful experience to get this type of service from any company!!Well done and keep it up!!! I am actually lost for words!
    01.02.2018, Jaco Schoeman
  • — The services is true and not fake! I'm happy that there is a services like you, now I can able to send gift my wife :) Thanks
    05.03.2018, Err Ian
  • — Thank you! ?????? She love them!
    09.03.2018, Moataz Debsawi
  • — Excellent quality of flowers. Professional delivery, and superb customer service. I highly recommend to anyone who is sending flowers in Belarus.
    07.04.2018, Jeremy
  • — Roses were delivered on time. They were fresh and beautiful and made my best friend morning! Thank you!
    16.09.2018, Emmanuelle
  • — Thank you! Pleasure to work with your company! Your florists are highly professional.
    21.09.2018, Royston Taylor
  • — Amazing experience with your florist in Minsk. Was very happy with the flowers.
    22.09.2018, Contanza
  • — Thank you for beautiful fresh flowers!
    03.10.2018, Muhammad Hanif
  • — It was a great service
    18.10.2018, Mathias Legrand
  • — Everything perfect :)
    25.10.2018, Mathias Legrand
  • — perfect and efficient service. reasonable price. fast, easy and perfectly on time ... I am very happy and I will order again and will command to friends
    01.11.2018, Shawn
  • — She write me "Super"! Thank you!
    18.11.2018, Jean christophe RECU
  • — Hvala i vama na usluzi! Odli?no obavljeno!
    19.11.2018, Zoran Radovanovic
  • — Thank you for great service! Everything was excellent.
    12.12.2018, Ina
  • — Thank you very much. You did wonderful and I am looking forward to giving you more business.
    22.01.2019, Michael Lanese
  • — Thank you for the professional service, and quick same day delivery in time. I look forward to use your service again :)
    15.02.2019, Steve
  • — Thank you very much! They are very nice!
    20.02.2019, Coby Hochstein
  • — Thank you very much!! Best, Mehmet
    20.03.2019, Mehmet
  • — Thank you.. All the flowers have been very nice.
    29.03.2019, Coby
  • — I am really happy with your service. Once again you proven your worth.
    04.06.2019, Sowden TOM
  • — Fantastic. :))
    11.06.2019, Anthony Hudson
  • — I dont know what happend to me to love her like this when I never meet her! This is amazing. Thank you for your service!
    21.06.2019, Aharonian
  • — Thank you very much ))
    14.10.2019, Clinton Reddig
  • — Super Fast, Great
    13.02.2020, Joele
  • — Thank you very much!
    16.02.2020, Giorgio
  • — Very nice great quality flowers Very fast delivery Very good customer servive
    28.03.2020, Mahmoud
  • — My lady received the "Rainbow" roses. She was happy and so was I. Great service with fast delivery. I'm more than satisfied of the service. Thank you!
    16.08.2020, Sharon
  • — Thank you for preparing and delivering the beautiful Bocquet of flowers yesterday. They were received with much joy and happiness Magnificent service thank you Michael
    25.08.2020, Michael
  • — I just wanted to say, a VERY BIG THANK YOU for yesterday's delivery of flowers to my partner. Your flowers looked amazing and I do plan to use your services again in the very near future.
    13.09.2020, Adnaan Khan
  • — Good afternoon, Thank you very much, once again for your very reliable service and for delivering the beautiful flowers yesterday. They were received with great happiness and the card you supplied was perfect. Kind regards Michael
    25.10.2020, Michael
  • — Thank you very much for all your help. Fantastic service throughout.
    29.10.2020, Johnny
  • — Thank you very much ! You have an excellent service : beautifull flowers delievered just in time !
    19.12.2020, Philippe
  • — Customer and recipient were very happy with the flowers and the service. Thank you!
    23.12.2020, Almiqui
  • — Beautiful Rose's buquet delivered for my mom's birthday! Благодарю ща доставку цветов маме к дню рождения, заказывала вслепую из США, мама прислала фото, и все также, как и на картинке, цветы свежие, красивое оформление, открытка с пожеланиями, да и еще и очень вежливый персонал при доставке! Это точно не последний букет, спасибо большое!
    09.04.2021, Olga
  • — Thank you very much.. She is very pleased wtih the flowers.
    04.05.2021, Michael Willett
  • — I ordered tulips, but the company delivered roses. It is not a professional. Company response: The tulip is the only flower that we only deliver in season. See information on the website. And thank you for being with us. (Matching colors and availability only during the season (February-April), because the tulip is a seasonal flower. Tulips will be replaced with roses).
    25.06.2021, Stefano
  • — Thank you for your service! This is amazing. Fast delivery of a bouquet of flowers to the village of Naliboki.
    26.06.2021, Michael
  • — Thank you all for the hassle free delivery of the flowers and chocolates to my wife visiting in Novopolotsk. You are all just awesome! Spasiba Bolshoi! (hope i got that right) - Al
    24.11.2021, Al Moulhiem
  • — A beautiful bouquet that matches the season! Thank you for your service!
    08.02.2022, D?niz
  • — Very good, and the flowers very fresh and well cared for, and the delivery without any problem
    09.02.2022, Gesarta
  • — Punctual service. Nice greeting card.
    11.02.2022, Annette
  • — I have been using Aroma of Love for many years. Very good online service, prompt, reliable delivery and of course beautiful flowers..... Everytime. Thank you ! Пользуюсь "Ароматом любви" уже много лет. Очень хороший онлайн-сервис, быстрая, надежная доставка и, конечно же, красивые цветы..... Каждый раз. Благодарю вас !
    22.10.2022, Michael
  • — Thank you for your work!
    10.01.2023, Vera
  • — Thank you veryyy much..! Very much appreciated. Very good service.
    24.01.2023, Gaveen
  • — Hi or should I Privet. I wanted to convey my thanks to you and your team for making up and delivering the 101 red roses to my partner on Valentines Day. She was not expecting such a large bouquet of flowers at all. So, THANK YOU for everything you have done this time round and previously over the past few years for me.
    24.02.2023, Adnaan Khan
  • — I am very satisfied with the service I got from you. Everything was done in a timely manner, politely. Thank you very much!
    01.06.2023, Muhammad
  • — Amazing! Thank you!
    21.07.2023, Gagandeep Singh
  • — This is awesome! ❤ Thank you!
    29.07.2023, Maria Esther
  • — Very beautiful! Thank you!
    01.08.2023, Jones
  • — Thanks again she loves them! Have a good night!
    07.08.2023, Zachary Mccabe
  • — Flowers Looks very nice! Thank you for the good service!
    09.08.2023, Steven
  • — Thanks it was nice :) I will order again
    14.11.2023, Mandar
  • — Thanks a lot to you. Am satisfied. That’s why I am placing order again.
    14.11.2023, ⁨MS⁩
  • — Thank you very much. The flowers and champagne and chocolates are really very very beautiful. I wish I was that lady !!!
    29.11.2023, Michael Oser — we deliver flowers and gifts to Minsk, Belarus, and across the world. We offer our visitors premium roses, bouquets of flowers, delicious candies, colorful greeting cards, vases, gift baskets, chocolates, helium balloons, and soft toys in Minsk, Grodno, Gomel, Vitebsk, Brest, Mogilev, and other towns and villages in Belarus and worldwide. You can order flowers and gifts for delivery to the Republic of Belarus and all over the world through our online shop. You can have access from anywhere, 24/7. We have premium service, same-day delivery, and a satisfaction guarantee. We can offer you international flower delivery by local Teleflora florists in Minsk, Belarus, the CIS and Baltic States, Russia, Ukraine, and all other countries around the world.

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Customers' Testimonials

— Thank you very much. The flowers and champagne and chocolates are really very very beautiful. I wish I was that lady !!! 29.11.2023, Michael Oser

— Thanks a lot to you. Am satisfied. That’s why I am placing order again. 14.11.2023, ⁨MS⁩

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